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Spiritual Singles

Mentioning The Names Of Other gods

The Proper Names Given To Each Day Of The Week By Our Creator ©

By Dr. Akiva G. Belk

Shalom Rabbi Akiva

Thanks for sharing your personal struggle for spiritual identification with us. Yes, it is very hard on me because single and divorced deaf women are mostly either Jews or Christians, none Spiritual women. One time, not long ago, I had requested permission from the rabbi to participate in the single deaf Jewish retreat just for social purposes and I let him know that I was Noahide. The permission was denied due to my not being Jewish. However he kindly suggested that I could find a non-observant Christian or a Muslim. I could not accept that because of mixed faiths. Only Spiritual to Spiritual. Jew to Jew. Christian to Christian. Muslim to Muslim. A good Christian woman once told me that I should convert to Judaism because I have a "Jewish soul." Hmm, she may be right, but the problem is that my heart is not ready. I am not saying that it would be nice to convert to Judaism so I could easily marry a deaf Jew. No way! I respect the G-d of Judaism. I question about Moshe marrying an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12:1). Wasn't he as a Jew marrying a gentile? If so, wasn't she also a Spiritual? The Torah is silent on this matter.

I have another question to ask. Exodus 23:13 says that Jews are not to mention the names of other gods. Does it apply to their daily life? Or only at the time of worship? What about using the them for discussions or refutations, ok? Does this text also apply to Spiritualists?


Take care,


Shalom Yaakov,

Re: Spiritual Singles
What this rabbi possibly meant was to do some research regarding the different sects in Christianity or Islam.

First, there are some groups within Christianity that actually practice many aspects of Spirituality. They do not acknowledge Jesus as G-d or the son of G-d. They observe the oneness of G-d as we do... An example would be Unitarian and possibly some Religious Science. In addition those of the Islam belief also acknowledge the oneness of G-d as we do... Now there are differences with each of these but one of the major obstacles is not an issue. One should speak to each group on an individual basis.

Second, we may set up a singles network for Spiritualist singles. I cannot say when, but I do recognize the need and the importance.

Re: Mentioning The Names Of Other gods
When Moshe married he was an observant Jew. Zipporah was a Gair Tzedakah {a righteous convert} according to the Midrash {Jewish History}. The Ethiopian woman of Numbers 12:1 is actually Zipporah. This presents an interesting dilemma. Moshe recorded what was written in Numbers 12:1. It came directly from Hashem. For reasons we may not understand or be able to explain, Moshe’s wife {the daughter of Yisro} who lived in Midian was Ethiopian. The Torah does not explain this further. The implication is that she was very beautiful and of black skin.

Exodus 23:13 does say “...Do not mention the name of other gods...”

The actual translation is, “And name of strange gods do not mention.” Now the word Tahz Kee Ru is a strange word. It is also found once in Joshua 23:7, restating Exodus 23:13. Both may give the impression that a Jew is not permitted to say the name of a god other than Hashem. We know that this is not the meaning because the Torah often mentions the names of other gods. Yet there are those that believe it is wrong to say Christian so they say Xtian. They say xmas instead of Christmas. They say Yashkah for Jesus and so forth.

When JewishPath originated many years ago the Rav of Denver then, the Rav at Zera Avraham, Ha Rav Yechezkiel Feldberger, gave a ruling on the shilah {question}, “Can someone as myself director of JewishPath, etc. use the name Jesus in discussion / communication in my outreach?” The pahsock {answer} was Yes! Why? The intention of Torah was for Jews and Spiritualists to be careful in their use and identification of gods and the holidays of gods. For example: It is fine to say I have December 25th off but it is not good to say I have Christmas off. It is fine to say I will meet you at the intersection of 25th and Vine but it is not good to say I will meet you on the corner of Vine where the ... church is.

Re: The Proper Names Given To Each Day Of The Week By Our Creator
Classmates, this brings us to another interesting point which few even consider. What are the correct G-d given names for each day of the week? What do the days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc. represent? Research will show that they are in connection to pagan gods. So the fact is that Jews and Spiritualists should use the proper Torah names for each day of the week as follows:

Day One:
Yom - Echad {Genesis 1:5}
The Second Day:
Yom - Shay Nee {Genesis 1:8}
The Third Day:
Yom - Shi Lee Shee {Genesis 1:13}
The Fourth Day”
Yom Rivee Ee {Genesis 1:19}
The Fifth Day:
Yom Chah Mee Shee {Genesis 1:23}
The Sixth Day:
Yom Ha Shee Shee {Genesis 1:31}
The Seventh Day: Bah
Yom - Hahshi Vee Ee {Genesis 2:2}

Blessings and Peace!

Dr. Akiva G. Belk

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